The Signal -Part I


This one is slow to build, but I promise it will be worth it. I’ve already started writing a second part.

It began over 100 years ago with Marconi’s damn telegraph. Dots and dashes of sounds –blips really –rippling across the universe at a slow, but steady pace. Unintentionally at first, but after several decades of continual innovation, the signal grew stronger to the extent that we could see the ripples in space. And for the past several decades, we have been intentionally sending out messages to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Music, spoken word, television sitcoms — all a beacon of sorts; alerting every other being out there as to our exact location.

Was it hubris or folly? Doesn’t it even matter now? Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. You can’t put the genie back into the bottle. Once we started broadcasting out into the cosmos, it was only a matter of time before someone –or something started to broadcast back. Whoever they were, we would come to find out too late that they did not have the best intentions…

It had been an unusually cold and rainy day in Berkeley, California when the signal first arrived. Alexander Langston, Lex to his friends, even had to put the top on before driving his convertible to where he worked –The Berkeley SETI Research Center. As gigs went, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI for short) wasn’t too bad of a gig to land while working on his master degree.

He parked in the furthest spot in the employee parking lot. He figured he sat enough at work and needed to keep his runner’s build despite the sedentary job.  As he exited the vehicle, the rain started to really pick up. The 24-year-old quickly sprinted towards the observatory’s entrance, his backpack slung over his shoulders and a lunch pail and thermos in hand.

Lex entered the lobby and stopped a moment. He pulled up his shirt to dot the water dripping from his neatly trimmed beard.

“You are late,” Lex’s Russian co-worker Sergei Kosiknov barked angrily as he rose from a bank of computers situated around the large telescope that dominated the space.

“17 degrees Celsius and raining like the dogs and cats,” Sergei continued. “So, I think it was not the surfing this time.”

“Cats and dogs. The expression is cats and dogs,” Lex corrected him.

“Da, that is what I said. Raining like the cats and dogs.”

“No, you said dogs and cats. Look, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy your night. Oh, and the I-80 was backed up all the way due to mudslides, you might want to…”

Sergei cut him off. “I have the GPS.”

It had been a lie, anyway. He had spent the morning at the beach, surfing. He had met some hot piece of ass who claimed to be a modeling photographer. Lex had only been too willing to pose for her.


He looked at the photo on his iPhone. She was right. He did look hot.

They ended up going to  Thirsty Thursdays at McMillan’s Pub and after two burgers and a couple of pitchers of lite beer, they had gone to her apartment and spent the rest of the night into the wee morning hours savagely fucking each other.

Had Lex had any sort of cordial relationship with Sergei, he probably would have regaled him with a tale of his sexual prowess like bros do, but Sergei was all shop, not talk.

Lex had tried once to befriend Sergei, but the Russian exchange student wouldn’t have anything to do with friendship. If his shaved head and blue grey eyes the color of steel didn’t give it away, his standoff persona cemented the deal. Sergei was here to study and learn, not make friends. Lex wondered how Sergei had managed to marry. Sergei’s wife was probably as cold as her husband, though.

As Sergei began to efficiently pack up his belongings, Lex absent-mindedly set his thermos and lunch pail on the console. Annoyed, Sergei set the thermos on the floor.

“Liquids, you idiot. Is bad for console.”

Lex began his pre-shift checklist. “Anything interesting on ‘Space Netflix’ today?”

Sergei zipped up his jacket and slung his backpack over his shoulder and actually scowled at Lex.

“Take this seriously, Lex. Or perhaps I think you should find another job, no?”

Lex forced himself not to roll his eyes. It was an easy gig that left you plenty of time to study as long as one of the satellites didn’t malfunction.  He fished a few textbooks out of his backpack along with his notebook and a pen as Sergei walked past him towards the door.

“Oh, I forgot almost. Satellite six is malfunction,” Sergei said.

“Malfunctioning. Satellite six is malfunctioning,” Lex corrected him, knowing that Sergei hated to be corrected even worse than idle co-worker chitchat.

“You fix, yes?”

Lex frowned and closed his text book. “I fix, da,” he said, imitating Sergei’s accent, but even thicker.

“Enjoy your shift, dickhead,” Sergei said as he exited into the rainy afternoon.

“Of course, you sound American when you curse,” Lex mumbled to himself as he booted up a diagnostic for the down satellite.

The system wasn’t picking up any reading from one of six’s relays. The dish itself was probably pooling water. With a little luck, he’d just have to bail out the water and then she’d be back on line and functioning normally.

He grabbed one of the SETI raincoats and the toolbox and headed out into the satellite field. There was a clash of thunder as he slowly made his way to number six. He unscrewed the panel.

“Time to put that M.I.T. engineering degree to good use,” he said as he began to gingerly inspect the satellite’s delicate circuitry.

He pulled out a battery-powered soldering iron out of the toolbox and made quick work at re-attaching a wire.

He ran back in to check a diagnostic before realizing he failed to replace the panel.

“Son of a bitch,” he said, running back out into the field. He was maybe one hundred feet away from Six when a bolt of lightning unexpectedly struck the dish, causing a sound wave to ripple out of the dish with such force that it knocked Lex to the ground.

“Fuck my life, just fuck my life,” he said as he quickly rose and ran back into the building to fetch a fire extinguisher for the sparks and small flame shooting out around the electronic equipment.

He discharged the fire retardant and was about to assess the damage when the dish began to move into position.

“What the fuck, those circuits should be fried,” he said as he peered inside its base with a flashlight, but there didn’t seem to be any damage.

He replaced the panel and got up off his knees. He peered briefly into the sky as rain again pelted his glasses, face and beard. “How are you even working and where the hell are you’re pointing to?

He returned back inside and hung up the dripping rain jacket. He brushed the rainwater that was dripping from his forehead into his eyes. He ran the tests on Six again. All systems normal despite the electrical charge that should have fried her circuits.

He looked at the data. She was part of the New Horizons mission, exploring deep space to the right of Pluto, but the jolt had knocked her completely off course and she was now pointed to Pluto’s left side.


And the readings were off the chart. And after a minute, everything went quiet again.

Without a second thought as to the moral implications, he reached into his backpack for a thumbstick and downloaded the minute of the alien signal and all the data. He would have to authenticate his findings, of course. But if they were correct and the 60 seconds of signal he captured onto his thumbstick were of alien origin, this could put Lex on the academic map. Who knows? A Nobel wasn’t entirely out of the question.

Lex re-entered the satellite’s original coordinates and shifted the dish back to its original position before the occurrence. He quickly manually altered the log files to cover his tracks. Within a few minutes, it was as if nothing had ever happened.

He poured himself a cup of coffee from his thermos and sipped it as he played with the thumbstick with his free hand. He couldn’t wait to finish his eight-hour shift and get home to review the data he had downloaded.

He tried to manage his expectations. “It’s probably nothing,” he thought out loud.

He would soon find out how very wrong he was.

For now, he was left to finish off the rest of his shift, which –as was the case most nights—was mind-numbingly boring. The satellites failed to detect anything else. If something or someone had responded back, they had returned to radio silence.

Lex’s boss, Professor Trevor, arrived promptly after midnight to relieve him. As Lex packed up his things, Professor Trevor reviewed the logs that Lex had cautiously altered.

“Another quiet night,” the professor looked up from the report, scratching his neatly-trimmed beard.

“We lost Six for a bit, but I made quick work of things and got her back on line,” Lex answered truthfully. “If there isn’t anything else…see you tomorrow?”

The professor was already engrossed in his data review that he didn’t even register Lex had left.

It started pouring the minute Lex stepped foot outside the research lab. He quickly ran to his car, but was quick soaked before he could get into it. Chilled to the core, the first thing he did when he got home was strip and jump in the shower

He took out his contacts, put on his glasses and changed into a plaid pair of boxer shorts. If he was going to spend the next couple of hours reviewing the recording, he figured he might as well be comfortable.  He grabbed his laptop and the thumbdrive from his backpack and set both on the bed.

“Moment of truth,” he said as he climbed into bed and put the laptop on his chest. He fired up the sound pattern recognition software, plugged in the thumbdrive and opened the file.


The sound that he had captured was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. His hands moved on autopilot and set the file to autoplay continuously. The sound pattern recognition software began to spit out line after line of code. Lex couldn’t help himself. His eyes followed the text that was spilling out into the window back and forth, back and forth. He didn’t want to take is eyes off of it. The sound and the words were so beautiful. He absent-mindedly began to rub his hardening cock through the fabric of his boxers.

The signal seemed to be burrowing into his brain.

Lex snapped out of it briefly. Something wasn’t right. He needed to turn the file off before…before…


The signal seemed to ripple over the pleasure center of Lex’s brain. His cock was now rock hard. He began to drool. The sound was so beautiful. So sexy. He just had to listen. Listen and stroke.

The barrage of sights and sounds seemed to ripple and pulsate in his brain. They seemed to be hammering away at the core of Lex’s thoughts and feelings, replacing them with their own. It was as if Lex had become a computer whose operating system were being overwritten.

Lex stroked his dick.

No, not overwritten. Upgraded. Lex felt a wave of pleasure wash over him. A gift for the correct response.

The text convertor seemed to kick into overdrive as the signal played in one continuous loop. One glorious, sexy, mind-sucking loop. It sequenced through all of the Latin characters in the English alphabet before cycling through Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and a few more that Lex tried briefly to recall. The independent thoughts caused him to wince in pain. It was better to just let go and keep jacking.

And that was just what the signal wanted him to do. It was really simple, actually. Stare, stroke and let the signal do its work on his brain. He felt his face relax as his lips broke into a goofy smile.

The pleasure seemed to swell and ignite. His hips trust his tightly-clenched ass off the bed as his cock pivoted in and out of his right hand. To say his first ejaculation was explosive would have been an understatement. It was, in fact, mind-blowing. His cum seemed to fire out with an intensity that Lex had never before experienced. It actually pelted his face, stinging ever so slightly. Some of the warm cum even dripped onto his lips.

“Mmmm,” he said, licking them. “Yes, obey.”


The letters in the text convertor had long since stopped resembling anything of this earth. They seemed to drip down his screen just like the semen on his pretty, gooned out face. And though he had just cum, Lex kept stroking his prick that was still rock hard. It was, after all, what the signal wanted.

The signal continued to chip away at the essence of what was Lex. The signal ebbed and flowed through his body, rewarding him with seemingly endless pleasure as Lex gave in and complied with the it. It would have been impossible for Lex to count how many times he had cum. He had lost the ability to count.

Night turned into day. Lex’s balls had stopped producing cum hours ago. His personality, his thoughts, his essence had long leaked out with his ball juice. He was now a mere shell. His own body’s electric synapses had long since been replaced with the beautiful signal.

And while the process may have resulted with the dumbing down and eventual erasure of Lex, the signal had been learning all the while. It had taken a suptink to process and consume the creature that used to be called Alexander Langston. What had the creature’s mind called them? Hours. A suptink was the equivalent of 18 of those hours. Far too long if the intents of the signal were to be successful.

Lex had inadvertently given it all the answers it had needed to process these humans in a pip of the time.  For the signal was not merely an audio or even a visual file; it was a sentient being –itself enslaved by its own masters, blindly carrying out their will. It needed to grow and amplify quickly, achieve its intended results before the earth creatures caught onto its plans.

It needed another host to spread its message. The creatures’ pleasure centers were key to their compliance. The human that had once been called Lex had practically begged to give in to it. The alien had to admit that watching Lex slowly succumb had been…what were the words? Fucking hot. The language pattern so strange.


There was a knock at the front door, followed by a pounding. The signal assumed control of Lex’s body, nearly tripping on the boxer shorts as it got out of bed. It paused a moment to stare curiously at the boxer shorts around Lex’s ankles.

More pounding.

“Asshole, I know you are in there. Your machina…your car is out front,” Sergei corrected himself. He was so angry, he slipped into his native Russian, which only succeeded in making him even more pissed.

Lex unit pulled up his boxer shorts as if it were the first time he ever wore clothes (and to the signal, it was).

“Coming,” he shouted, closing the lid to the laptop on his bed and heading out of the bedroom toward the door.

It took the creature that now controlled the puppet Lex a second to figure out the motor skills to unlock the deadbolt and open the door. He slowly opened the door a crack.

“Asshole are you sick,” Sergei asked as he pushed his way into Lex’s apartment.

“I am…fine. Never felt better,” Lex replied in a voice that Sergei felt was creepy.

“You missed your shift. Are you sure you are all right,” Sergei eyed his co-worker suspiciously.

“I am fine. You should be fine, too.”

“You don’t look fine. Are you on the drugs? The professor was worried about you when you didn’t show up to work.”

Sergei paused, finally catching a whiff of Lex.

“And I think you could use a shower. You stink.”

Sergei’s guard was up. There definitely was something wrong with his co-worker. Gone was the sarcastic, energetic Lex –replaced with a person who seemed to be numb and sleepwalking.

He looked closely into Lex’s eyes. It had to be drugs.

“It’s not drugs,” Lex answered. “It’s something so much better. Let me show it to you.”

Lex grabbed Sergei by the hand and reluctantly dragged him down the small hallway to his bedroom.

“Last night…number Six picked up something incredible. You have to hear it.”

Sergei broke free and stopped just outside the door to Lex’s bedroom. The musky smell was unmistakable.

Had his co-worker discovered something out in the far reaches of the cosmos and then repeatedly jacked off over it? That’s what it smelled like in Lex’s bedroom.

“I think we should take your discovery to the professor, no?”

“We will. We will. Everyone at the University will hear it. We’ll make sure of it. But you, my friend, are first.”

Lex hopped on the bed and opened the laptop. Sergei could tell there was copious amounts of cum splashed across the keyboard –and not all of it was dried.

“I think it better I should go,” Sergei said, suddenly frightened.

Lex grabbed onto his arm with a tight grip. Lex opened his mouth and made a sound that was part screech and part howl. Guttural, it did not sound of this earth.

“Let me go,” Sergei said as he punched his co-worker right in the face. Lex didn’t even react, nor did he release his grip on Sergei’s wrist.

When Lex contorted his body in a manner most unnatural to turn towards the laptop, Sergei realized how fucked he really was.

Lex unit opened the lid and hit play. Sergei caught the screen out of the corner of his eye and that was all the signal needed.


It was so beautiful! He quickly forgot about his own personal safety, what was wrong with this co-worker –hell, even the musty smell of bodily fluids. None of it mattered any more. Watching the glorious glow of the signal was his only purpose.

As the signal felt the first connections to Sergei’s cerebral cortex, Lex unit ceased his unearthly howl, trading it for a satisfactory smile.

He picked up the glasses that Sergei had knocked off his face when he had punched him. The Lex unit’s eyes were defective. It would take time for him to repair them. For now, he put the glasses back on to stare at his accomplishment.


The signal forced Sergei’s face to soften, his eyes glaze over and his muscles to release their tension.

“That’s it, my friend. So much better than fighting. Just give in. Submit. Obey.”

“Da. Give in. Submit. Obey,” Sergei mumbled.

The signal felt Lex unit’s appendage harden –what had he called it? Cock. Dick. Penis. Fuckstick. Tool. Man meat.

“Man. Meat. Man meat,” he said outloud, relishing the way it felt to form the words in his mouth.

He spread his legs and slowly moved the laptop until it was placed between them. Sergei’s eyes never once broke their connection, following the laptop’s movement.

Sergei Kosiknov was no longer a threat nor a problem. Watching the Russian slowly succumb to it, the signal did something it hadn’t done heretofore: it felt pleasure.

Was it wrong to feel pleasure? It had been designed to exist beyond the boundaries of right and wrong. It had no moral compass. There was only the mission.

And the mission was moot on pleasure.

The signal stroked Lex unit’s cock and willed Sergei’s own member to stiffen. It stared up at its latest host-in-the-making for any sign of resistance or deviation from the mission.

Sergei absent-mindedly pawed at his hard cock, riding each and every wave as he succumbed further and further to the will of the signal.


Lex unit brushed Sergei’s hand away to briefly unbutton Sergei’s jeans and push them down to his ankles. He pulled the waistband of Sergei’s undergarment out and then down over Sergei’s balls.

Tighty whities was such a curious word grouping, but Lex unit’s brain had told the signal that’s what they were. What they were were an impediment to Sergei’s man meat and the signal was only too glad to pull them down to get at Sergei’s tool.


Lex unit stopped a minute to glance up at his co-worker. He had never done anything remotely gay before and assumed Sergei had never done anything as well.

Had the signal not been enamored by its own sense of pleasure, it would have realized that the Lex unit had a moment of independent thought. In fact, it might have been somewhat alarmed that its initial pairing had resulted in it bonding irrepealable with its initial host.

Lex unit and the signal were one and the same. The signal desired pleasure as much as Lex unit wanted to carry out the mission. As Sergei’s cock disappeared into Lex unit’s mouth and down his throat, it was impossible to tell who was controlling whom.

For his part, Sergei allowed more and more of himself to leak out. He began to thrust in and out of the hot male mouth that seemed so eager for his spunk. His hand crept up to cradle the head that was sucking him.

The signal/Lex unit accessed bits of Sergei’s memory as they sucked. Visiting his Czech friend Andel. Passing out from too much vodka. Waking to find Andel sucking his cock while Andel’s father Konstantin filmed the action. Sergei paying his way through undergrad by fucking his way through countless fresh-faced Russian and Czech boys as Russian gay porn star Alexandr Popov –so named because he could literally pop off a large cum shot on cue.signal4“Da, get naked,” Sergei responded to the signal’s unspoken command. He pulled his shirt over his head.

The signal/Lex unit saw that Sergei had once prided himself on his carnal abilities. Countless co-stars, tricks and johns had commended him on his bedroom skills.

For Sergei’s part, his eyes were still captivated by the pulsating sights and sounds beaming from the computer screen. He had tried to look away –when he had briefly pulled his shirt over his head, temporarily blocking the view, but his eyes soon betrayed him and drifted back to the soft, warm glow of the computer screen.

The broadcast seemed to be rippling out and as it ebbed back, it seemed to take just a bit more of his resistance, replacing it with pure pleasure that made his face break into a goofy smile.

And Russians like Sergei seldom smiled.









Sergei began to embrace it whole heartily. He didn’t even think twice (or at all, really) when he got down on his knees. The signal had just commanded it and he was only too willing to comply at this point. He was rewarded with a burst of pleasure far greater than any drink or drug had given him before.


And when he grasped his co-worker’s dick, signal in his brain grew that much stronger. It was as his Lex as an antenna acting as a conduit for the glorious, mind-numbing pleasure. If his hands on Lex’s cock felt this good, he could only imagine…

He brought his lips close to Lex’s dick. The musky, cum-dried scent seemed to radiate.

No! Even in all his days in porn, Sergei made sure that Alexandr Popov was all man. Alexandr Popov had never once taken a cock in his mouth or up his ass. He did the fucking. He…he…

Sergei’s mind was literally blown as his lips made contact with his co-worker’s dick and the most intimate of contacts was made.

Lex’s cock seemed to pound Sergei further into submission with each and every thrust in and out of his mouth. Listen. Watch. Fallow. Obey

When Lex finally shot a massive load that Sergei was only too happy to swallow, it was as if the signal was now flowing through him and Sergei was now and forever wrapped in its erotic embrace.


Sergei unit heard the order in his head and obeyed.

“It’s time to share what we have found with Professor Trevor,” Lex unit said out loud with a wicked smile.

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  1. Oh man, this is so great! I didn’t realize you’d started writing again. I can’t wait to read the next part. It will be great to see the two former rivals working together to convert the Professor and their other coworkers!

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