The Signal – Part IV


The plot thickens, gentle readers. 

As the hot shower water cascaded down his trim body, Alec Anderson tried to push thoughts of his hot roommate out of his head. The top-secret military project he had the honor to work on, the rewiring of his laptop circuitry to make it more efficient, hell even the plot of the assigned reading for that God damned English lit class. Anything other than Jake Johnson’s bulging biceps, all his cool tattoos, his slightly hairy nipples, his sleeping naked on top of his covers. Seriously!? Who does that?

Midterm exam prep and stuffy literature were no match, however. Alec felt his own body betray him. His six-inch dick rose to full staff. Some how and some way, his crush for Jake had moved past mere infatuation into aching need. Jesus Christ, he was feeling an affinity for the heroine of the shitty Bronte novel he was being forced to read in that required English Lit class. And he suspected he was just a miserable as her.

A part of Alec just knew that Jake was aware of the effect he had on him (though Alec had never come out to him or given him any indication one what or the other just which team he batted for). Alec always seemed to get flustered whenever Jake was near to him. He hated that Jake made him feel so extremely horny. Jake seemed to delight over the power he wielded, too.

“Fuck this shit,” he said, grabbing the faucet and quickly setting it to the coldest temperature.

The shock of the cool water had its desired effect almost instantaneously and his cock quickly deflated. With a little luck, Jake would be done studying and out for the usual $5 pitcher night at Crunchy’s –the local dive bar popular with college kids who didn’t mind swigging down Keystone, Schlitz or Milwaukee’s Best (or Beast as the co-eds called it.) It was Tuesday, after all and Jake was, if nothing else, a creature of habit.

It would give Alec some prime alone time. With just himself in the room, he was free to indulge in his fantasies while he spanked his meat.

Jake Johnson had other plans, however.


“Hey bro, ‘sup?” Jake said, closing his astronomy textbook. “You were in there long enough. Did you rub one out or what?”

Alec felt the heat rush to his cheeks. He quickly hung his towel up and crossed over to his desk and sat with his back to his roommate.

Jake got up and walked over to Alec’s much tidier side of the room. Since the first week they roomed together, Jake had learned that even with Alec’s Cochlear hearing aid implant, it was best to have nothing blocking Alec’s view of his lips.

That and Jake knew that Alec might have a not-so-secret crush on him and he wanted Alec to see his sexy lips. Chicks were always telling Jake he had sexy lips. He figured it was the same with gay guys, right?

But tonight, Alec couldn’t meet his gaze. Even as he sat on the edge of Alec’s bed.

“This is the only way he’ll ever be in your bed,” Alec thought to himself.

“Missing $5 pitcher night,” Alec asked aloud, Jake’s close proximity causing his dick to immediately forget its most recent round of cold water torture.

Jake could tell that Alec wanted to go to bed, but he had at least another two hours of studying and figured he needed to lay on the charm.

“Professor Trevor emailed the class about an hour ago that he uploaded something to the campus TV station and we have to watch it before class tomorrow.”

Alec sighed.

“Dude, I’ll turn off the lights. Just, you know, turn off your ears and you won’t even notice anything, I promise.”

He leaned over and purposely rubbed Alec’s neck. Alec crossed his legs to conceal his boner.

“Come on, dude. I really need to pass this class,” Jake said with a smile. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Fine,” Alec said, turning off his implants. “You owe me.”

Alec waiting until after he was under his covers to take off his shirt and sweat pants. He rolled onto his stomach and tried to will his hard on down, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Jake made gone on his promise and the room was plunged into darkness save from the warm glow of the TV screen. Jake grabbed the remote and turned to the campus station for his class, punched in his student ID and password and scrolled down until he found the professor’s upload.

He yawned, stretched and hit play. “Let’s get this shit over with.”

The screen flashed with some kind of code.

“What the f-f-f-f-u-c-k,” Jake muttered as the sights and sounds began to take hold


The blue light seemed to be alive, pulsating as if it were trying to calibrate to something. It soon matched the beat of Jake’s heart and Jake felt a ripple of pleasure course through his entire body.

His textbook dropped to the floor with a thud, but it didn’t disturb Alec, who –thanks to turning off his hearing implants, didn’t hear anything. If he had,  he probably would have turned off the TV or run from the room screaming.

Instead, he continued to slumber completely unaware of the change that was taking place in the bed right next to him.

There was another pulse of light and sound. It seemed to be urging Jake to do something. Jake was so focused on the pleasure, he couldn’t quite make out the command.


Of course, he would submit. He needed to pass the class. It was important that he soak up everything the professor was sharing with him.


The signal was guiding him on a path of enlightenment. Jake’s resistance was crumbling. Paying attention to a lecture had never felt so fucking good before. Every cell in his body seemed to be soaking up the signal, charging him as if he was a battery; the current was pleasure.

His arms seemed to move on their own now. They tore open his button fly jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. He quickly kicked them off onto the floor. signale2

His dick was rock hard. He wanted nothing more than to touch it, but he hadn’t been given permission yet, so his arms remained at his side. There was still much to watch, listen and learn.

He could actually feel it –the Signal. It was worming its way into his ears, his eyes and his mouth. Hell, he could even feel it making its way into his asshole. He would have never thought that sound and light could be gingerly stroking his prostate and yet they both were.

A chick had done it to him just once before while she was slobbering all over his johnson. What had been her name? Courtney something. It was getting harder and harder to recall anything. He never called her back after that time. He had never came so hard as when her finger hit his butt buzzer. He had been too ashamed by how much he had enjoyed it.

That wasn’t right, was it? Had he enjoyed it? Hadn’t he smacker her hand away and pushed her off his dick when he felt her index finger enter him?signald

There was another wave of sound –as if the Signal had detected his resistance.

The colors seem to pulse again and Jake found his eyes returning to the imagery on the screen.


He remembered now. He had been enthusiastic about the whole thing, practically begging her to savagely fuck his hole with her finger. It had been her who had broken if off with him. What a close minded bitch.

He spread his legs a little wider. The Signal pulsed against his prostate. He began to drool and the last bit of resistance faded away.

He came without touching himself; a reward for finally embracing the Signal.

As the Signal completed the merge, Jake began to see flashes of others coming to know its embrace.


Bobby Bennett opening a strange email from his dad; Coach Bill Bennett having fallen under the Signal’s influence an hour earlier after he opened the attachment that Professor Trevor had sent to him.

Bobby at first being confused when his dad entered his room –his eyes an unearthly blue sheen.


And why was his hard dick sticking out of the front of his khakis?


His dad forcing his head back down so that the barrage of sights and sounds could again fill him.


Bobby’s hand touching his dad’s dick. The Coach cooing that he was such a good boy for submitting to the Signal.


Coach literally pile-driving down the last remaining bit of Bobby’s resistance to a place his individual self would never return from again.


Bobby’s lab partner David opening an e-mail attachment marked “tonight’s homework.”

And falling into the Signal’s inevitable sway.


Fraternity President Chad Cummings opening an attachment sent by the Frat’s pledge master (David).


The frat pledging being led naked one-by-one into the basement to be processed.


Each time the Signal’s connection grew, Jake would cum again until his mind had literally been fucked out of him.

And yet he didn’t look away.


Around 3 a.m., the flicker from the TV caused Alec to stir.

He glanced first at his clock and then across the room at his roommate. To his somewhat dismay, Jake was not sleeping naked atop his comforter as was his normal routine. He was under the covers and –Alec couldn’t be certain without his glasses– but Jake looked like he was jacking off to something on the TV.

Alec gave a courtesy cough to let Jake know he was awake and –well, to take his self pleasure elsewhere.

Jake didn’t stop, however. He turned and said in a rather monotone voice “Good, you are awake.

He rose almost robotically from his bed –still jacking the entire time, stopping only to pick a protesting Alec up out of bed and in front of the TV screen.

Without his glasses, Alec squinted to make out what was on screen. It seemed to be some kind of static. The blue colors seemed to pulse and swirl and Alec found himself falling into it.

Jake, meanwhile, got down on his knees and quickly pulled Alec’s tighty whiteys down.

When Alec felt Jake deep-throat him, it broke whatever spell the screen had on him.


“What the fuck are you doing,” he demanded, pushing Jake off his cock.

Something wasn’t right here. Jake kept trying to make connection with Alec’s stiff dick. Alec didn’t know what was going on until he noticed Jake’s eyes.There seemed to be a blue haze to them.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Jake ignored him and grabbed Alec’s ass, pushing his dick toward him.

“Connection must be made. You will be assumed into the Signal.”

In the darkness of the room and without the aid of his hearing implants, Alec could neither read Jake’s lips nor hear what he was saying. He kept pushing his roommate away.

The Signal was trying to make sense of Alec’s resistance. It was different than any of the other drones it had successfully incorporated. It quickly accessed Jake’s memories.



Jake rose.

Alec tried to fight him off, but he was no match for his bigger roomate. Jake held him in a headlock with one hand and switched on each of Alec’s hearing implants one at a time.

Alec’s entire body shuddered with pleasure as the sounds invaded his brain. He even stopped resisting and allowed Jake to push him onto his knees. What had been a source of so many jack off sessions was quickly becoming a reality.


The minute Alec’s lips touched Jake’s shaft, it was as if an electric connection was made. It flowed into Alec, quickly overwhelming his senses.



To have his fantasies come true like this, Alec would do anything. In fact, he eagerly looked forward to yielding more and more to the Signal. The pleasure was so intense. So fucking amazing. So…..


Alec fell back and gingerly brought both hands to his ears.

“Connection. Must. Be. Maintained,” Jake said, walking menacingly toward Alec.

But Alec couldn’t read Jake’s lips. Nor could he hear him.


And with that quiet stillness, Alec regained his composure and realized what had transpired. His roommate was no longer his roommate. He was something else. Something that offered Alec pleasure unlike he had ever known. All it would cost him was his soul.

He quickly pulled up his underwear and the jogging pants he slept in. Though still groggy from the effects of the Signal, Alec reached deep down within himself and found the energy to knee the thing that once was the roommate he idolized and fantasized about right in his groin.

Jake doubled over in pain and Alec grabbed his cell phone and ran out of the room.

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  1. Thanks! I’m about ready to give up on Tumblr, btw. I had cropped and pretty much censored most of the photos and they still blocked it. I’ve reposted just the text. If that gets flagged..I’m done with ’em. Such a shame. It was a great vehicle for creativity in its pre-Verizon days.


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