The Signal -Part VI


The sun had begun to set as Brett Bonner grabbed his cell for the umpteenth time. The screen was still dark. He pushed his glasses up the ridge of his nose and then nervously rubbed his index finger over the power button. His best friend and fellow lab rat Alec Anderson had texted him the strangest thing a few hours earlier, telling him to take his hearing aids out and turn of his phone. He normally felt somewhat safe in his silent bubble, but not today. There was something odd about his roommates Chris and Tony. They weren’t acting like their usual jock selves. For one thing, Brett could still feel the vibrations of them pounding on his locked bedroom door. And though he had pushed a bookcase against the door for added protection, he knew the makeshift barrier would only hold out so long. Damn it! Where was Alec?

His finger caressed the power button one more time. He powered the device on.

Just then, a flash of white light poured out from under the door and a vibrating wave pushed through the walls of the home with enough force that it knocked Brett back off the chair and blew out his bedroom windows.

Meanwhile, several miles across town, the creature that had once been Lex Langston stopped fucking his latest conquest –a SETI security guard who had become suspicious of the increase of traffic to the lab—and grimaced.


The Signal searched for the right word. Pain. Yes, that’s what rippled through all of the collective units. A feeling of pain. Like someone had torn several tendons from the unit’s body. The Signal’s connection to several of its acolytes was suddenly and completely severed. Loss. Yes, loss. Its connection to those enthralled immediately ceased. Curious. Yes, that was another word to describe what had happened. The Signal had thought itself to be of a higher intellect than these mere humans. Someone or something was now a worthy adversary.

He glanced back to the muscled man with tattooed skin and plunged his dick back into him. This new threat would surely be neutralized much like the dim-witted and nosy security guard had.

The Security Guard had hollered and screamed when they had grabbed him into the lab, tearing his clothes from his body and forcing him down into the chair and before the computer terminal, but once his eyes met the gaze of the contents of the screen and heard its siren song, all resistance melted away.


Never diverting his gaze from the hazy glow of the computer screen, the now-docile security guard eagerly assumed the position, spread his ass-cheeks and opened his hole so the Connection could be made that would cement the newly-converted unit to the Collective.

“Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience,” he panted as Lex Unit’s cock masterfully invaded his virginal hole. And immediately his mind filled with visions of all of his brother units in various stages of enslavement.

coach signal3

Cal State’s wrestling coach obediently stroking his star wrestler into enslavement as he soaks up a new playbook of sorts with moves they both will spring on the team come next practice.


Denny Price realizing the new custom “Doom” levels his little brother just had to show him were anything but mere child’s play.


And after his 18-year old brother Robby thoroughly seeded his no-longer virgin hole with glorious cum, he’d never call him “little squirt” again.

The images, along with a few more thrust into the security guard’s ass, were efficiently enough to cause the man to cum hand’s free and, thusly, permanently enslave himself.

Across town, it was another story entirely as Brett slowly picked himself off the floor. Anyone else might have wondered what caused the vibrating blast, but not Brett.  He felt nauseous from being that close to ground zero of an electromagnetic pulse grenade. It was the top-secret military project that he and Alec had been working on; the reason he was going to finish both grad school and his masters without any student loans.

Brett picked up his glasses from the floor and put them back on and briefly examined them. Not even a scratch.

He glanced at his phone. Sure enough, the device was fried. No need to check the computer, he knew what the weapon was capable of. It no doubt knocked out the power for at least a one block radius, disabling anything with electronic circuitry. From cars to smart refrigerators to Wi-Fi-enabled microwaves and reading tablets –anything within the pulse’s radius was now rendered useless. Their weapon’s purpose was to make the civilian population helpless, but otherwise there would be little to no casualties.

He looked out the window and onto the street. Cars were stopped dead in their tracks; their confused and shocked drivers unsure of what just happened. Brett could see up and down the street. Not a single light in the neighborhood was working. Had he not still been in shock as to why Alec had used the weapon, he might have marveled in its efficiency.

He walked over toward the door and placed his hands on it, trying to sense any movement or vibration. There was none.

He slowly and cautiously moved the bookcase out of the way and then felt the floor. Again, no movement or vibrations. It was possible, of course, that anyone close to the immediate blast might have been knocked unconscious. He had no other explanation for the lack of movement.

He slowly opened the door a crack and peered out. The bay window in the living room was now absent of all glass and there, on the floor by the couch, lay the bodies of his two roommates.

Both Chris and Tony’s eyes were open and unfocused. He checked for a pulse for both and luckily there still was one. Both of their chests were rising and falling. It was good that they were breathing. Beyond that, there was no life in their bodies. It was as if only the most involuntary and basic body functions were operating. He ran his hand over both of their eyelids, closing them. He couldn’t understand what had happened. Nothing in any of their tests –not in the lab nor in the field—had yielded these results. And yet, Chris and Tony were essentially brain dead.

He turned to assess the rest of the damage and soon saw movement out of the corner of his eye. His buddy Alec was slowly regaining consciousness. Brett rushed over to him.

“Are you alright,” he signed frantically. “What the hell happened?”

“Roommates jumped me. Dropped grenade,” Alec replied, his hands shaking as he signed.

“Why are you OK and they….” Alec’s signing trailed off. The implications immediately began to weigh on him. How would they begin to explain this? Jail time or a military prison.

“We are so royally fucked,” he signed.

Alec examined Chris and then Tony. He was no medical doctor, but he had a rudimentary grasp of the human body. This…Signal. It somehow infected the host’s nervous system. The EMP grenade had disrupted it. He had had a hunch, which is why he had grabbed a few of their prototypes from the lab before heading over. His theory appeared to hold true. He only prayed that whatever or whoever was the source of the original Signal was still unaware that they now had a way of fighting back.


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