Tony had seemed kinda distant the past couple weeks, so his friends Keith and Ryan had been surprised but excited when he invited them over to watch “a porno I stole from my big brother.”

Except he hadn’t really stolen it–Tony’s brother had made him a copy and specifically instructed him to show it to his friends. And it wasn’t really just a porno–it was the recruiting video that had snared Tony and his brother (and countless other young men) into a life of sexual service.

And now it was working its spell on Ryan and Keith, who now sat naked in front of the screen, stroking their hard cocks, murmuring words of submission: “…feels so good to obey…cock grows hard when I submit…submit to the Masters’ will…feeels so goood…”

The Fix

Private James Stone –Stoney to everyone in his platoon—held
the jar of dark liquid in his hands.

This was definitely something that could get him kicked out
of the army. Why had he done it? Why did he swipe the formula?

He had been ordered to do clean up duty in the base’s lab.
The skinny, nerdy scientist had been quite talkative as Stoney pushed the mop
around the lab, flexing his arms. It certainly beat the 10 mile hike
the rest of the platoon was on. 

The military scientist didn’t look like he was much older
than 18. He looked more like a boy scout than soldier. His skinny body
indicated he spent more time in the lab than in military training.

“What exactly do you do around here all day, Corporal”
Stoney inquired.

“Top secret military stuff,” Corporal Toby Daniels answered
as he dispensed a brownish liquid into a beaker and sealed it. 

“What, like super soldier serum,” Stoney said with a laugh. 

“Something like that,” the Corporal replied matter of

“No shit!”

“By background is in nutrition and I’m working on a food
substitute that would pack a lot of energy in a liquid form,” he said, checking
something under a microscope. “We haven’t begun human testing. There have been
some…interesting side effects in the animals we’ve tested it on.”

“But it basically is gonna make you stronger and allow you
to carry on longer?”

“That’s the hope, anyway. Well, I’m off on a run. Hit the
lights and lock up when you’re done.”

As the scientist turned his back and exited, Stoney grabbed
and pocketed the beaker. He quickly finished mopping and then returned to his

He immediately regretted taking it and figured he best
dispose of it quickly. He opened the container up, content to pour its contents
out and toss the beaker down the embankment. The minute he uncorked it, a
peculiar smell hit his nostrils. It smelled deliciously sweet and chocolatey.

He brought the jar up to his lips and paused for a split
second. What had the corporal said about complications in the animal testing? Again,
the sweet, seductive smell flooded his nose and his stomach growled with a
hunger he hadn’t realized he had. If it smelled that good, it probably tasted
even better. 

He tipped the container for a sip. It wasn’t just good. It
was the best thing Stoney had ever tasted. With no hesitation, he tipped the
glass and downed the contents. Fuck! It tasted so good! He ran his index finger
along the inside of the glass, scrapping up ever last bit of the liquid and
sucking his finger clean.

The satiation was soon replaced by a fire that seemed to
spread quickly throughout his body. Stoney dropped the container on the ground,
tore of his shirt. The room began to spin and Stoney fell down onto his cot and
passed out.

The next thing he knew, he was being shaken awake by the

“Where the fuck is it, private?”

Stoney rubbed his stomach as he sat up. His abs…they looked
more defined. “Where is what?”

“Don’t play with me, private. I know you took the sample.
Where is it?”

Corporal Daniels followed Stoney’s eyes to the empty glass
container on the floor of the tent.

“You drank it all?” The corporal quickly rushed over to
Stoney and checked his pupils and then grabbed his arm to check his pulse. “You
idiot. We have no idea what that’s going to do to you. We’ve got to get you to the medical tent right away.” 

“Let go of me,” Stoney said, quickly standing and pushing
the corporal onto the cot.

 “Private, you are coming with me and I’m going to report

Stoney straddled Daniel’s chest and pinned his arms down. He
just needed a minute to think.

As the corporal’s cries grew louder, Stoney bent down and
covered the corporal’s mouth with his own. As the saliva on his lips made
contact with the corporal’s, Daniels stopped struggling.

“Oh, god. I can taste it on your lips,” Daniels exclaimed

Daniels again tried to push Stoney off him, his chest
rubbing against Stoney’s cock and balls. The heat that Stoney had been feeling
throughout his entire body now seemed to centralize in his cock and balls.

Stoney tore off his military boxers with a strength he
didn’t know he possessed. The air felt cool on his dick and balls, but he could
still feel the fire in his loins.  

“Private, get your dick out of my face. That’s an order,”
Daniels said, trying to exert his authority and take control of the situation
that was quickly spinning out of control.

Stoney moaned as the air brushed past his cock and balls as
Daniels spoke. The slight breeze felt so good. God help him, but it was
starting to turn him on.

“Mmmm, it likes your words, baby. Talk to it some more,”
Stoney gushed. 

“Private, I’m not going to ask you again. Get off me,”
Daniels pleaded. 

“Look at my beautiful uncut cock, Corporal,” Stoney urged.
“Take a deep whiff. It smells so nice and I bet it tastes even better. Go ahead
and cool it down with your tongue. I know you want to.”

Just as Stoney spoke the words, heat seemed to come off his
dick. His dick wasn’t even full staff, but it had begun secreting some precum.
The smell seemed to almost seek out a target. Daniels couldn’t help but breath
it in. Initially, it was a salty and musky scent like you smell in a crowded
locker room. It seemed to numb Daniels’ brain and he couldn’t think straight.
It was almost like he was drunk or took a hit of a powerful joint. 

Then the scent seemed to change. It smelled sweet. Like
fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Daniels mouth began to water.

Stoney watched as the defiance in Daniels’ face seemed to
melt away. Daniels stopped struggling and his eyes seemed to glaze over. 

 “Open your mouth for me, baby,” Stoney coaxed. “Show me how
much you want my beautiful cock.” 

Daniels heard the words in his head and couldn’t resist them
any longer. He opened his mouth wide.

Stoney teased him by rubbing the head of his dick against
Daniels’ plump limps. The minute the precum hit his lips, the voice in his head
that had been Corporal Toby Daniels was locked away. Daniels was completely

As more and more of Stoney’s precum leaked down his throat,
Daniels’ eyes glazed further over.

“That’s it baby. Tell me how much you want it.”

“I want it so bad, sir,” Daniels hungerly replied.

Stoney began to gently thrust his hips back and forth,
battering away at any and all remaining resistance. Daniels wrapped his lips
tightly around Stoney’s shaft.

“Damn, baby. You’re like a Hoover,” Stoney exclaimed
breathlessly. “That’s it, Corporal. Keep sucking my beautiful cock. I’m gonna
fill that mouth with sweet, sweet cum and you’re gonna want to swallow it all
down, ain’t ya?”

Daniels felt his sex drive kick into high gear and he
grabbed Stoney’s firm ass and rhythmically began pushing Stoney’s hard cock in
and out of his own mouth. 

Stoney suddenly pulled his dick out of Daniels’ mouth.

“Tell me you love my cock,” Stoney demanded.

Daniels thought a minute. He wasn’t gay. He had a girlfriend
who he planned to marry before re-upping for another tour of duty. But Daniels
no sooner conjured that thought than it just as quickly evaporated; replaced by
a need. A need for Private Stone’s dick. He didn’t know why or how, but it
somehow didn’t matter anymore.

“Please…I need it,” he begged.

“So, you love it?”

“Yes, I love it.”

“That’s all you had to say, baby,” Stoney said before
thrusting his dick back down the Corporal’s throat.

Though the Corporal out-ranked him, there was something
about asserting his dominance over Daniels that was turning Stoney on.

“Open your throat wider. Show me what a good slave you’ve
turned into, baby.”

As Daniels obeyed the commands, he felt himself grow hard. 

“Well, well, well,” Stoney uttered as he felt Daniels’ erection
against his butt. “It seems like someone likes this.” 

Daniels felt his checks flush with shame. He had to admit,
the more and more he sucked, the more and more he liked it and didn’t want it
to end. 

“It’s OK to play with yourself, just don’t stop sucking,”
Stoney said. While not a direct order, Daniels felt the need to oblige. He
quickly popped the buttons on his fatigues and furiously began stroking his

“Just remember, baby. You don’t cum until I tell you to.”

Daniels nodded.  It
was all the encouragement Stoney needed. He knew his control over Daniels was
complete. Or, at least it would be once Daniels had his first fix. He thrust one
last time into Daniels’ mouth and then blasted what felt like a gallon of jizz
down Daniels’ throat. 

Daniels gulped it all down. Stoney couldn’t be sure, but
Daniels’ eyes seemed to briefly reflect the color of the initial concoction
Stoney had downed earlier.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the supplement had bonded
with Stoney’s own DNA and Stoney’s balls now produced a cum-laced elixir that created
a state of euphoria in anyone who ingested it.

Daniels was flying on a high unlike he’d ever known. He was
still stroking his cock and could only thing of one thing.

“More, please.”

“Strip and bend over that table,” Stoney ordered. 

“I’m not gay. I don’t wanna get fucked in the ass,” Daniels

“Fine, then I guess you won’t be needing any of this,”
Stoney smirked as he shook his dick at Daniels.

Stoney dressed and tossed Daniels clothes at him. “If we ain’t
fucking, get the fuck out of my tent, slut.”

Despite having just sucked Stoney off, Daniels was determined
to assert his heterosexuality. He licked the last bit of cum off his chin and
got dressed.

He lasted about two hours before the hunger got the better
of him. He tried to jack off, but couldn’t seem to cum. After three hours, he began
to shake with need and he began to sweat like a junkie in need of a fix.

Stoney didn’t even seem surprised to see him when he
returned to the tent.

“Almost four hours, baby. I’m impressed, but I knew you’d be
back. Get naked and bend over.”

Daniels silently undressed and bent over the table. He hadn’t
expected it to hurt as much as it did when Stoney slammed his dick into Daniels’
ass. But soon, as Stoney began to leak his enhanced dick snot that was then
absorbed into Daniels’ bloodstream through his ass, a sense of calming warmth quickly
spread over him.  

“Baby, I’m gonna make you blow your load as I’m fucking you,”
Stoney said as he flipped Daniels onto his back.

Daniels began to moan. Sex with his fiancé had never felt
this good. Hell, sex with any girl for that matter. Stoney seemed to be hitting
a spot deep within him.

And then, just as Stoney had predicted, Daniels shot his
load all over his chest and stomach without so much as even touching his dick. 

“Now do you admit you belong to me, baby?”

Daniels hung his head in shame.

“Say it.”

“I belong to you.”

“You belong to me what?”

“I belong to you, Sir.”

“That’s better. Get back on your knees for your reward, baby.” 

Daniels felt a patter of cum splash across his face and into
his gaping mouth. He stood there on his knees in a daze as he absorbed the cum
into his bloodstream.

 “I’m gonna need another batch of that supplement first thing
tomorrow, babe,” Stoney asserted.

Daniels knew he would comply. He’d do anything to get his

The Handyman’s Tool

Bobby Beauchamp fired up his laptop as he chatted with his girlfriend Michelle, trying to coax her into coming over for another night of “Netflix and Chill.”

She had her mind set on seeing some chick flick heist movie –and Bobby had no plans to lose this battle.

“I’m tellin’ ya, babe. It sounds more like a rental than something we need to see in the movie theatre,” he offered.

He hit up the browser to see what Netflix had to offer, but it seemed to take forever for the page to load. It had been acting up since he had caught Marco,the building maintenance guy, on his laptop while Marco was supposed to be fixing his AC unit. He had immediately thrown Marco out of his condo and ran a virus scan that came up clean. There was nothing in the browser history, either, so at least the guy hadn’t been watching porn.

“I know Sandra Bullock is one of your favorite actresses, babe,” he responded with ever-growing frustration. “I just want to kick back and relax tonight,” he added. 

“And I really need to get laid,” he thought to himself, cupping his balls and johnson through his jeans.

The browser minimized without Bobby touching it and a window popped up featuring a purple and blue spiral.

“What the hell,” Bobby exclaimed. “No, not you, babe. Something’s up with my computer. Karen already said she’s free to go with you to the movies if I bail?”

Bobby needed to smooth things over with Michelle if he didn’t want to be dating his right hand tonight, but he also felt like he had to get the damn spiral off his screen. It was sort of getting to him. It was slightly askew. Like a tunnel. Or a well. Yeah, like a well. And he was falling into it. He right-clicked on the taskbar and brought up Task Manager.

The program quickly minimized, though. Leaving Bobby to stare again at the spiral. He had to admit, it was sort of beautiful in a way. The way it seemed to calmly spin, gently beckoning him into it.

“Are you even listening to me,”
Michelle asked, irritatedly.

Bobby didn’t hear her. The spiral continued to flash its lights and colors. All Bobby’s thoughts and cares seemed to swirl away. It was so calming. So soothing. So captivating. Nothing else mattered. The spiral now had his undivided attention.

And the more he watched it, the more he felt he couldn’t look away.

He continued to hold the phone to his ear, though Michelle had long since hung up with a “go fuck yourself.” 

The screen seemed to pulse, now. Bobby could almost feel his own heart synchronize to the spiral. A word suddenly flashed as the spiral continued to spin. Bobby focused on the center of the spiral so he could make it out.

Five letters. Empty. He did want to feel empty. It felt good to have the burden of thoughts lifted from his silly, little head.

The screen flashed, drawing him further in. Another word. He could almost make it out. Bobby starred intently at the spiral.

It felt so wonderful! He had not choice. He simply had to keep watching.
The screen flashed again.

The words seemed to flash in succession now.

It felt like the spiral was massaging Bobby’s brain. The words began to flash in succession. Before long, Bobby began to involuntarily repeat them out loud.  

“Empty. Mindless. Controlled.”

He continued to stare at the spiral and repeat the manta until he heard a loud PING! in his head and everything seemed to wash away.

He was completely unaware at how long he stood there, absorbing more and more of the programing. He hadn’t even realized that he had gotten up to answer the knock at his door. As he opened the door, the daylight flooded in, waking him from his reverie.

Bobby shook his head and then looked at who had knocked on his door. It was the maintenance guy that he had kicked out of his place a few hours ago.

“What the fuck do you want,” Bobby demanded. “Your ass is fired as soon as the condo association calls me back and I tell them what you did.”

“I don’t want any trouble,” Marco said. “I just came back here because I left my favorite HANDYMAN TOOL.”

All of Bobby’s anger seemed to melt away. 

Marco let himself into the condo and closed the door. He walked over to the motionless Bobby, cupped Bobby’s dick and balls and gave them a squeeze. Bobby did not react in the slightest. 

“What are you,” Marco demanded.

“I am the Handyman’s tool,” Bobby uttered robotically with no inflection.

“And who am I,” Marco inquired with authority.

“The handyman,” Bobby replied.

“And that makes you?”

“Your tool.”

“That’s right, boy. Who owns you?”

“Marco owns me,” Bobby said with a shudder of pleasure.

“I need you to call the condo association and tell them that it’s all been a big mistake. You couldn’t be happier with my services.”

“Mistake. Couldn’t be happier with services,” Bobby said as he shuffled back to the couch, retrieved his cell phone and made the request call. 

Marco breathed a sigh of relief. Truth be told, he knew he had fucked up. He had thought that Bobby had left for work when he had caught Marco placing the files on his laptop. Marco couldn’t believe his luck. The asshole had actually used the laptop even after he had caught Marco tampering with it!

Still, Marco would have to be more careful the next time. The condo association president was going to be going out of town on business next week and Marco knew he was going to have to neutralize that threat once and for all. From there, it would be pretty easy to bring the rest of the board under his control and then, the rest of the building. 

“It’s done, Sir,” Bobby said, dropping the phone on the couch beside him. 

“You’ve done well, boy,” Marco said as he took of his shirt and hung it onto his toolbelt. “I think you deserve a reward. It’s time for me to play with the HANDYMAN’S TOOL.”

Bobby’s eyes glazed over again and
he even began to drool a bit.

“God damn, that’s hot. It never
fails to get me going. You ever suck a man’s cock, boy?”

“No, Sir.”

“Who am I,” Marco asked again.

“The handyman,” Bobby answered.

“And that make you?”

“Your tool,” Bobby said.

“My cock is so hard right now, it’s
literally stuck in my jeans. It needs a special tool to free it. A HANDYMAN’S TOOL.”

Bobby felt a shiver of pleasure
as his hands undid Marco’s toolbelt. It dropped to the floor with a thud.

Undeterred, Bobby pulled apart
the buttons of Marco’s jeans and freed his dick.

Marco pushed Bobby off of the
couch and onto the floor. He sat on the couch as if it were a throne.

“Lose the shirt, TOOL.”

Bobby pulled his shirt over his
head and threw it onto the floor. He smiled. So much pleasure in being

“That’s a good HANDYMAN’S TOOL,”
Marco purred. “Now get your mouth on my cock and watch your fucking teeth or I’ll
knock ‘em out.”

Bobby just did what he knew he
liked to have done to his own dick and it seemed to please his Master. His Master
was soon rock hard. Bobby swore he could feel the beat of Marco’s heart as he
tongued the bulging veins of Marco’s dick.

Marco used his foot to push down
Bobby’s jeans so that he could admire Bobby’s ass.

“Your mouth is hot and all, but I
need another tool to relieve this pressure, baby,” Marco said as he lifted
Bobby up from his knees and then bent him over the couch.

Bobby’s ass offered no resistance
to Marco’s cock and Marco wasted no time in plunging it into the hilt. Marco
starting to build up a pretty good pounding.

Bobby instinctively seemed to know
when to tighten his ass and grip Marco’s dick. It was like Bobby’s ass was milking
him. After a few more thrusts, Marco slammed into Bobby, pushing Bobby’s hips
into his own to make sure his cock was buried as far as it would go.

“Bobby really was the right tool
for the job,” Marco thought to himself as he coated Bobby’s insides with what
felt like a gallon of cum.

Bobby was so lost in the bliss of
it all, he didn’t even realize that he dumped his own massive load on the couch
without even touch himself.

Marco left him there –passed out with his face down in his own pile of cum. Marco knew he would be seeing him again very soon. It was always good to have the right TOOL for the job. 

Cam’s Camera

Photographer Cam Phillips looked at the teen skater sitting
on the couch in Cam’s studio and could hardly believe his luck at how easy it
had been to lure the kid here. The lad had come up to him as Cam sat on a bench
next to the skate park. Though he was only a few years older than the teen boys
skating in the park, Cam felt he looked less conspicuous having his trusted
digital camera by his side. While he had been there to boy watch, he did take
the occasional picture gave him an air of legitimacy. And truth be told, he did
sell the occasional shot to Thrasher Magazine.

“Dude, why are you taking pics of me,” the teen asked as he
skated over to him.

Cam knew he was busted, but he couldn’t help himself. With
his dark hair and brooding eyes; he looked a bit like the actor Dave Franco. Cam
had been content to snap a few shots of the teen skating for his personal spank
bank, but now the kid was talking to him and it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass

“Cam Phillips,” Cam had replied, offering his hand. “I occasionally
shoot for a few mags. Thrasher and a few others.”

The teen’s face had lit up then.

“Do you think they’re going to put me in the zine?”

“Well, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the editors. You do
have a look, though. What’s your name?”


“Gauge what?”

“Just Gauge,” the teen replied with a sheepish smile

“Well, Just Gauge, I will need you to come back to my studio
and sign a few release forms before I can even submit your photos. Do you have some
time right now?” 

“Nothin’ goin’ down at the moment,” Gauge answered. 

“Have you ever thought about modeling,” Cam asked as the
pair walked down the block towards his studio. “You’re a bit too short for
runway, but you’ve got the look for print. And I’m not talking about Target
ads. High-end magazines. Hollister, Tom Ford, maybe even Calvin Klein.” 

“My girlfriend tried to get me into it once.”

“Oh,” Cam had replied with some surprise. “What happened?”

“It wasn’t for me. The photographer was a bit…handsy, you

“Sorry to hear that happened to you. If you’re game, I’d like
to have you sign the release form and then let me take a couple of candid shots.
And I promise to keep my hands to myself,” he had said with a laugh.

And now Gauge sat on the couch in Cam’s studio –naïve and
unsuspecting as Cam fiddled with the special flash of his own design.

“Just about set up,” Cam said, turning back toward the teen.
“Are you ready to get started?”

“What should I do,” Gauge asked, suddenly self-conscious.

“Nothing. Just act natural. Relax and smile for the camera.”

The flash went off on cue, dazing Gauge

“It’s bright. Is it supposed to be that bright?”

Cam turned back to the flash umbrella and pretended to make
a few more adjustments and then returned to dutifully take a dozen or so pictures.

Each time the flash went off, Gauge’s pupils would dilate.
He could almost make out a word written in the flash of light.

“Now give me attitude, pout, wide smile. Stop stop stop.
You’re thinking too hard about posing. You need to clear your mind.”

Cam turned the special flash towards Gauge.

“Look right here. That’s it. Watch the light.” 


Gauge’s pupils dilated and he blinked involuntarily.


“Keep your eyes open and keep looking at the light. That’s


“Feel its warm glow
bathing you in relaxing light. All cares and thoughts just drifting away.
That’s it Gauge. That’s it.”

A series of bright flashes, followed by Cam’s soothing
talking, soon had the would-be model melting into the back of the couch into a
deep state of relaxation. 

“Doing great, Gauge. Why don’t you pull up your shirt and
show me that treasure trail? You can do that for me, can’t you bud? I know you
said no shirtless pics, but you look so hot and it will allow you to relax even
more. You want to relax more, don’t you?”

“Relax more…yessss,” Gauge slurred. He mindlessly lifted up
his shirt and popped open the first couple of buttons on his jeans.

Cam took a few more shots, all the while cooing about what a
great job Gauge was doing, how hot the photos were and how relaxed and at easy
Gauge appeared to be.

Gauge had to admit, he was starting to feel really good.
Kind of like how he felt after he took a deep drag off a blunt.

“Let’s lose the shirt completely,” Cam ordered.

Gauge hesitated. 

The flash went off again in a succession of bursts of light
that seemed to invade Gauge’s brain.

“Tell you what: if it will make you feel more comfortable, I’ll
take off my shirt, too.” Cam offered, removing his shirt before the teen could
even agree.

Another round of flashes and Gauge found himself shucking
his shirt. It was only reasonable. Cam was going out of his way to make him feel
so comfortable. And he did feel…so comfortable. It made sense to be shirtless.

In fact, Gauge was finding it increasingly easy to comply
with any of Cam’s directions. Stand shirtless and look sexy? Sure. Gauge could
do that.

Cam watched the teen fall under his spell, alternating
between snapping a picture to capture Gauge’s slide down and massaging his now rock-hard

“You’re doing really great Gauge. You’re really turning me
on. It would be even hotter if you sat back down on the couch and get a couple
of shots in your underwear.”

Gauge struggled for a minute. A voice in the back of his
head was telling him that it was wrong to drop trou in front of another guy,
but after a few more flashes, any resistance seemed to melt away and Gauge’s
hands pushed down his jeans. 

“It feels so good to comply,” Cam said and Gauge felt
himself agree the minute Cam said it. It was almost as if Cam was inside his


Gauge almost hated to admit it, but it felt so good to
mindlessly follow Cam’s orders, that he was starting to get aroused.

“That is so hot,” Cam said.

And with every flash, Gauge realized he was getting even
harder and hornier.

When Cam told him to, he pulled down his briefs and stepped
out of both them and his jeans.

Cam grabbed the teen’s cock and looked in his eyes. Gauge
was completely zonked by Cam’s hypno flash.

“Now the real fun begins,” Cam exclaimed.

Gauge was drifting a million miles away. He could see what
was happening but was powerless to stop it. Did he even want to stop it from
happening, though?

Cam licked Gauge’s shaft and the teen shuddered with
pleasure and when Cam wrapped his lips around Gauge’s cock, Gauge heard himself
mutter “so good.”

In addition to Cam’s hypno skills, he prided himself on being
a four-star cocksucker. Gauge was soon lost in pure ecstasy, moaning like a
bitch in heat. He was incapable of a clear thought of his own. His mind was
completely on his dick and what the flash (and Cam) were telling him. He gladly
lowered Cam’s khakis, reached into the waistband of Cam’s grey Calvin’s, fished
out Cam’s cock and began jerking it.

Gauge from the skatepark would never have jerked off a buddy
–no matter how stoned he was or how good a mate. That Gauge was a million miles
away from here and Gauge was on auto-pilot.

“I made you feel so good, you want to return the favor,” Cam
ordered. “Go on, you know you want to suck my dick. That’s it. Just put it in
your mouth and let nature take its course. You’ll know what to do.”

Had Gauge been even remotely alert, he would have probably
been surprised that Cam was right. He was soon polishing the knob like an old

He was a bit too good. Cam pushed him off his dick.“Damn, baby, you are good, but I don’t want to cum too quick.”

Cam turned the teen around to face the light again.

Gauge found himself sinking even deeper. It felt so good. He
couldn’t see how anything would ever feel better than this.

And then Cam dove his tongue deep inside Gauge’s virgin ass.

“Make some noise for me. Tell me how much you love it,” Cam
demanded as he came up briefly for air.

“Fucking eat my hole. It feels so fucking good, dude.”

Cam’s tongue was followed by a finger, then another. 

“That’s it, baby. Stare into that pretty light and relax that hole for me. Damn, that is a tight little ass.”

Gauge was soon arching his back and thrusting back onto Cam’s digits.

When Cam felt Gauge was loosened up enough, he spun the teen
around and thrust his nine-inch cock up the willing lad’s ass.

The pain from the sudden anal deflowering was enough to
bring Gauge out of his lust-filled reverie.

“What the fuck,” he exclaimed as he tried to extract himself
from the monster log thrusting in and out of his ass.

“You’ve come too far now, Gauge,” Cam said, spinning the boy
around while still impaled on Cam’s fuck stick. “Deep breaths and look into the

Gauge tried to resist. Cam held his hips in place, thrusting
his cock in and out of Gauge’s ass.

“Keep looking into the light. I just need to find your
button and everything will start feeling good. A little bit of pain, but a lot
of pleasure.”

It made sense. He was a slave to the camera and a slave to Cam. Gauge suddenly shuddered and felt a “ping” in his brain.  Cam knew he had hit the teen’s prostate.

Any remaining resistance seemed to melt away into the soft, white light of the photographer’s flash.

He loved his modeling sessions with Cam. Thrust. Flash

The old Gauge was gone. In his place, a submissive fucktoy.
Thrust. Flash. Agree.

He couldn’t wait to bring his friends over for their own
modeling sessions. Thrust. Flash. Agree.

He blew his load across his chest at the thought of bringing
his best buds Mickey and Dave for a session. He wasn’t sure about Dave, but he could tell from the bulge in Mickey’s board shorts that he was seriously packing. The camera was going to love him and Mickey was going to love the camera. 

It only took Cam a few more thrusts before he dumped his
major load up his latest fucktoy’s ass.

He caught his breath and then –as his cum leaked out the
teen’s ass—couldn’t help but place the teen in one final hypno pose.

When Gauge regained consciousness, he was fully dressed and
back on the couch. Cam continued to take a few more shots, telling him what a
natural he was.

 Gauge could only smile and agree.

Pods VI – A Lesson in Life Science

Previously in Pods: Pods I, Pods II, Pods III, Pods IV, Pods V

Professor Terry Wilcox was genuinely surprised
to see Jimmy Babcock and his cabal of troublemaking friends show up to class
again. The quartet has skipped the past four weeks of Wilcox’s Life Sciences
class, missing the midterm and essentially flunking the course.

Wilcox knew most kids only took the course
because they had to. The university required every student take at least two
semesters of science and Wilcox’s course –along with Geology—were purposely
designed as an easy pass. All you had to do is show up, take the quizzes and
exams that most students could pass without even bothering to buy the text book
for the course and write some bullshit paper that, frankly, Wilcox didn’t
really bother to read beyond making sure each paper met the minimum requirements
in terms of page length and number of cited sources.

After two weeks of screwing off and disrupting class,
Babcock had suddenly stopped coming. The next week, Babcock’s wingman Bradley
Taylor also didn’t bother to come to class. The following week, the not-too-bright
friend Connor Fleming was AWOL. And, just last week, Thomas Webber, the
bespectacled one in the group that Wilcox was pretty sure the rest were only
friends with because he idolized them all and probably did all their homework
and wrote their papers, also stopped coming to class.

Which in itself had been odd, because when he had asked
Webber about his friends’ whereabouts, Webber had given him the impression that
he had stopped hanging out with them because they all had started acting weird.

And now, all four stood before him.

“Mr. Babcock, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Fleming and Mr. Webber,”
Wilcox rattled off. “The prodigal students return. To what do I owe this

Jimmy Babcock snickered as if he was in on some secret. The
smile seemed to spread across each teen’s face as if they were a single brain.
It was creeping Wilcox out. 

“I’d wipe the smiles off your faces, if I were you,” he
threatened. “You all missed the midterm.” 

“That’s why we came here to see you today,” Jimmy said.
“We’ve been….working on a special project.”

“And I suppose you’re hoping for extra credit? You boys all
missed a large portion of my class. How fair would it be to the rest of the
class if I gave you boys special treatment?”

“Once you see it, you’ll change your mind. I’m sure of it.”

Jimmy calmly nodded to Tommy Webber, who calmly walked over
to the door and locked it.

“Guys, what’s this about,” Wilcox said, suddenly

Jimmy fished into his backback. “We don’t want to be
disturbed,” Jimmy explained as he fished into his backpack. “This is something
you are really going to be glad you saw.”

He emerged with some sort of
egg-shaped organic item that was covered in a green viscous fluid. In all his
years of study, Wilcox had never seen anything like it. He tentatively moved in
to get a closer look of the object and then stopped himself.

“Where did you get this,” he
asked Flemming. 

The teen did not answer him. Flemming’s eyes weren’t just
glazed over. They had a greenish hue that matched the egg. His mouth hung open
in a gaping “o” as if he was almost summoning something.

“Would one of you like to
tell me what the hell he is on?” 

He glanced at all the other
students whose eyes were all an eerie shade of green now. 

The teens surrounded him. He
backed up until he could go no further; his back hit the back of his teaching

Babcock held the oval thing out before him and to Wilcox’s
shock it began to open just like the petals of a flower,

“Get that thing away from me,” he pronounced as he forcible
knocked Babcock’s hand away.

The teens all stopped in unison.

“It’s alright to be a little scared,” Babcock assured.
“Hell, Taylor here shit himself when I first showed him the gift. But he
learned to accept it.”

Taylor nodded and then moaned in pleasure. “So good,” he
mumbled as he stroked himself.

“Connie was a little easier. We got him drunk, but I got to
admit something, Professor. There’s something about seeing a guy resist just a
bit before ultimately submitting to the inevitable. It really gets my crank
going, if you know what I mean.”

“Tommy,” Wilcox pleaded with the Webber teen.

“Shit, Tommy’s not gonna be any help,” Babcock exclaimed,
walking over to him and kissing him on the lips. “Tommy here is the only one
who voluntarily embraced it. So desperate to belong to our little group.”

Tommy pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with one
hand as the other unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick.

“So much pleasure,” he moaned as he stroked. “You’ll see.”

Wilcox suddenly threw everything at his desk at the lads
with one full swoop of his hands. He hoped it just might be enough of a
distraction for him to make it to the door, unlock it and run. 

The teens seemed to howl an unearthly sound.
Babcock made contact with the back of Wilcox’s suit jacket, preventing his
escape. Wilcox felt something cold and slimy hit his neck. 

Warmth quickly

from his head down to his toes, paralyzing him
with pleasure.

“Quick thinking, Tommy,” Babcock congratulated his friend.
“Tommy hit you in the back of your head with some cocksnot right from the

“My dad came in on my when I was converting my older brother
and some got on him when he was pushing me off David,” Tommy narrated as if
giving a science report. “We have found that it can put anyone in a more
agreeable mood.”

As the drug-like substance was absorbed into his
bloodstream, Wilcox felt his face soften.

“It’s got its hooks into you now. You aren’t going to be any
more trouble, are you,” Babcock asked.

Wilcox was on the best high of his life. His whole body
seemed to vibrate and sing with pleasure. His cock seemed to roar to it’s full
7 and a half inches of hardness. What had he been doing? He had been trying to
urgently go somewhere but could no longer remember why.

“That’s better, Terry. Can I call you Terry,” Babcock asked.

“Professor….Wilcox,” he replied through clutched teeth as
waves of pleasure washed over him.

“We’re about to get much more intimate with each other. It’s
OK for me to call you Terry. It’s fine.”

“It’s fine,” Wilcox agreed, feeling a wave of pleasure.

“That’s better. Now, Terry…you’ll fee so much better if you
unbutton your pants and pull them and your underwear down.

Wilcox felt his trembling hands undoing his belt,
unbuttoning his dress slacks and pulling them and his black boxer briefs down.

Babcock bent Wilcox over a nearby desk and held the pod out
in front of Wilcox’s hole.

Wilcox came as he felt his Master shoot out from
its protective casing and enter his anal cavity.

The teens all cheered as they watched Wilcox’s Master burrow into his body.

Wilcox could feel it crawling through his body. Its tendrils
attaching themselves to nerve endings on a slow journey up Wilcox’s body to his

Once the teens were quite satisfied that Wilcox’s Master was
in place, they helped him out of his clothes and began to strip themselves. 

Ever the teacher’s pet, Tommy was soon on his knees sucking
the professor’s cock.

When Wilcox came, his Master was flooding his brain with an
array of chemicals and Wilcox had never been so blissed out. 

Babcock bent him over a desk and Wilcox offered no resistance.Tommy continued to nurse Wilcox’s cock back to full hardness as Babcock;s tongue darted in and out of his hole.

Taylor and Fleming were only too willing to quiet Wilcox’s incessant moaning by making sure Wilcox’s mouth was full.

With ever orgasm,
Wilcox gave up more and more control to the superior being that had crawled
inside him.

His Master assumed complete control while Wilcox was on his
knees, servicing his fellow slaves. 

Their collective mind now joined, Wilcox
erupted green goo on the floor as his fellow slaves showered him with their own
cum. Wilcox had never felt more alive and more connected.

He couldn’t wait to share his findings at the next faculty


John Derry was off to lunch meeting when his phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number, but it was assigned to a photo. A lovely photo. Of a green spiral. John’s last thought before his mind melted into the photo was that it reminding him of his intro to psychology class three years ago.

He had taken Professor Reeves’ class like many of the jocks in it because it was guaranteed easy A. You just had to show up, sit through a bunch of boring films.

Even so, he had skipped the last few classes. Too much drinking and banging any chick. When given the choice between watching some old movie with a professor going on and on or pussy, the correct answer was always pussy.

The professor seemed genuinely surprised to see him. “Mr. Derry. I had thought you dropped.”

“Just a bug or something,” John lied.  “Hey, Wade.  What’s up,” John said as he took his sit behind his friend.

Wade Jennings, wing man extraordinaire.  He had been suspiciously absent from their bar crawls recently. John had assumed Wade was shacking up with that red head. What was her name? Jenny?

“There have been a few…changes…since you last joined us,” the professor said as he stood far too close to John than John liked. “I do hope you’ll be able to catch up.”

“Everyone’s eyes forward on the screen,” the professor asked before turning out the lights. “And we begin.”

There was a flash of green light. John felt a head rush as his pupils dilated to let in more of the numbing green light.

The dean of the college appeared.

“I am so pleased to have you back again for another round of training. If I can have your undivided attention for the next 20 minutes I will TURN YOU ON to the exciting world of psychology.”

A pulse of green light blasted from the screen. Some of John’s fellow classmates moaned out loud.

“That’s it. Just remember your training. If you’re new, there’s no need to worry. Just let yourself get sucked in. No need to fight it. Just focus. You want to watch. It feels so good. Psychology is the sciend of the MIND. Let my words wash over you as your breathing slows and steadies. Feel your entire body RELAX. You want to feel good. You can only feel good when you let go and FOCUS.”

John’s eyes were temporarily diverted from the screen when several of his classmates actually slumped in their chairs with loud moans. He couldn’t be certain, but Wade looked like he was rubbing the beginnings of a boner through his jeans. This wasn’t right. John turned and looked at Professor Reeves.

Reeves was engrossed in the film himself until he saw John turn and look at him.

“What’s going on,” John mumbled.

“You see what happens when you skip my class, Mr. Derry? Your classmates are so far ahead of you. But don’t worry, we’ll get you caught up.”

Professor Reeves quickly stood up and shuffled over to John. He forcibly turned John’s head back to the screen.

“We were all like you once. Just FOCUS on the screen. It’s for the best. Isn’t that right, Wade?”

“You’ll like obeying the Dean, John,” Wade said without the slightest bit of emotion. “It’s for the best.”

Professor Reeves held John’s head in place and turned his attention back to the screen. John could feel the professor’s hardening cock through the professor’s pants. He seemed to be intentionally brushing it against John’s shoulder as he held John’s head in place.

There was another pulse of green light.

“You don’t want to look away,” the Dean continued.  “You can’t look away. You can never look away. All you can do is watch. Watch as my will invades your mind. You will OBEY. It feels soooo good to OBEY.”

John heard the class repeat the mantra as the dean slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pants. The Dean looked like he worked out. He had a great body for an older guy. It did feel good to sit here and just relax and obey.

”Blank is better,” the Dean said on screen. “Your little mind desires nothing more than to be empty for me. To be used and played with by me as I see fit. SUBMIT. It’s so easy to just relax and let go.”  

There was another pulse of green. John began to drool.

“Sink deeper and deeper for me. Doesn’t that sound so nice? To SINK.”




“To OBEY.”




“That’s it. You can feel that last bit of will draining now. Being replaced with a need to SERVE AND OBEY. All that’s left is an empty little mind that needs filling.”

“Yes, John thought to himself. “My mind needs to be filled by the Dean. I need to SERVE AND OBEY.”

Those three words made his cock so hard. He joined the rest of the class in massaging his dick through the fabric of his jeans.

On screen, the Dean lowered his pants and fished out his impressive cock.

Everyone seemed to gasp in desire.

“It feels so good to be under my CONTROL. So AROUSING. Your dick grows hard for me. So HORNY. So DOCILE. So SUBMISSIVE.  So MINDLESSLY OBEDIENT. All you want to do is WATCH and OBEY.”




John didn’t know it at the time, but he was to be Professor Reeves gift; a token of the dean’s appreciation for Reeve’s achieving a 100% student completion rate.

Professor Reeves helped John quickly disrobe as the rest of the class continued to lose themselves to blissed-out obedience. 

Every time John attempted to look even slightly away, the screen would flash, drawing his attention back to the brainwashing.

Soon, John wouldn’t even attempt to divert his attention. Not even as Professor Reeves expertly worked his mouth and tongue over John’s rock-hard, collegiate cock.

Or when he slid his virginal ass onto the professor’s fuck stick in one fluid motion. Reeves’ dick seemed to penetrate his ass as deep as the Dean’s brainwashing. And like the brainwashing, John had initially resisted out of fear. Once he gave himself freely over to it, he felt nothing but pleasure.

Obedience was pleasure and pleasure was obedience. Those words were ingrained deep down within John as he felt Professor Reeves blast a load into his ass. His own cock erupted soon after without the slightest touch from John. Hands free and mind free as it should be.

The memory faded as soon as the hotel room door closed behind him and John sank to his knees as he had done so many times three years ago.

The Dean looked at John as John assumed the position and devoured his cock. His hair was longer and he was slightly older, but John still remembered his training.

“Pleasure first,” the Dean said. “And then you can tell me all about the company you work for.”

Catching the Bug -Part IV The Initiation
As he called the the meeting to order, Phi Tau fraternity president Lincoln Baxter III shifted nervously.

He had been gone for two weeks while his grandfather (and namesake) recovered from a stroke and coma and with his first meeting back since arriving an hour or so ago to the frat house, Lincoln couldn’t shake a feeling of uneasiness.

“Earth to Aaron. Hello,” Lincoln said waving his hand in front of Aaron’s face. “Jesus, bro. How much weed did you smoke?”

“We no longer have need for cannabis,” Aaron responded in a flat tone.

Lincoln chucked. “Since when? And what’s this ‘we’ shit?”

“We as in my fellow dro…brothers.”

“At least you finally shaved that stupid beard. You were starting to look homeless,” Lincoln said with a laugh. No one in the room even chuckled.

Dalton, the pledge master sat next to Aaron, never breaking his gaze of Lincoln. Lincoln suspected it was because he’d missed two weeks of frosh orientation, leavin Dalton to basically run things in his absence.

Lincoln stared at him. “Bro, seriously. What is wrong with him?”

His four fellow fraternity brothers laughed as some inside joke until Dalton raised his hand and brought his fingers to his palm. It was almost as if Dalton had hit mute.

Lincoln looked to the right. On the far end of the table sat Taylor one of the few African American members of the frat. He was always impeccably dressed and always seemed to have some chip on his shoulder. He was the smartest guy in the frat house and competitive to a fault. The kind of guy who always spoke up in house meetings. Not today. He was sitting so quietly. Lincoln didn’t know why, but it unnerved him.

He half expected Brandon to smile any second and tell him they were just punking him. Brandon was the king of practical jokes and sarcastic quips.  Ane when he wasn’t joking, he could rarely seen without his Xbox One controller in hand, talking about the latest “Call of Duty” campaign. His game controller was nowhere to be seen. He was even quieter than Taylor, if that was humanly possible.

Lincoln broke the silence. “Would any of you dickheads like to tell me what the hell is going on? You’re all acting weird.”

One by one, his fellow brothers said “We’re fine” in a quick loop.

“Dalton, seriously. What the hell is going on?”

Dalton rose up slowly. Three pairs of eyes followed him as if waiting for a command. He was standing a bit too close to Lincoln.

Aaron, meanwhile, rose and locked the door.

“OK, guys, the joke’s over, I’ve had enough,” Lincoln said, trying to rise up from his seat.

“We’re just getting started,” Dalton said as he held Lincoln down.

Lincoln felt a jolt of electricity as Dalton touched him. Kind of like a static shock, but it seemed to resonate deep within his core.

He then felt something crawl up his shirt color onto his neck. He moved to swat whatever it was away, but Brandon held his one arm and Dalton blocked the other.

“Just go with it, Bro,” Brandon said with a vacant smile. “It’s so much better if you don’t fight it.”

Numbness seemed to spread from the bite area to the rest of Lincoln’s neck.

“What did you do to me,” Lincoln asked as the numbness continued to spread.

“It’s starting to happen,” Taylor said, rubbing his crotch. “It’s so fucking hot to watch him succumb.”

“Let’s help our new brother relax,” Dalton said, unbuttoning Lincoln’s shirt.

“This isn’t right,” Lincoln thought just as he began to hear the buzzing of the nanobots beginning the process of reformatting his brain.

“Shhhh,” Aaron said, holding Lincoln’s arm. “You said you wanted to know what’s been going on while your gone. Now SEE IT.”

Lincoln began to see images –flickers of past moments. Like a movie playing out in front of him. Dalton coming back from class to find a box left on the fraternity’s doorstep. 

McMillan Industries. Dalton, assuming it was some new gaming system that Brandon ordered, bringing the box into the frat house.

“You can let go of his arms. Brother Lincoln won’t be any further trouble, isn’t that right?”

Lincoln didn’t answer. He was drooling and too lost in the images that were literally being injected into his brain. He didn’t even notice his brothers removing his jacket and shirt or when they pushed him on his back onto the table.

There was Dalton, hearing the sweet, buzzing sound Lincoln was now hearing. Infecting him, taking over his mind. Still holding his cell phone in his hand, his girlfriend assuming he pocket dialed her and finally hanging up. 

Dalton furiously beating his meat as the nanobots whispered about obedience being pleasure and pleasure being obedience. Dalton cumming and being absorbed fully to become Drone Dalton.

Drone Dalton tricking a stoned Aaron to come down into the basement and into the storage closet to see something Dalton told him that was guaranteed to blow his mind.

Aaron nearly passing out from the pleasure as the nanobots in Dalton’s saliva wormed their way into his piss slit.

Aaron practically begging for more of the wondrous little bots to fill his hole as Dalton’s hard dick hammered his butt like a piston.

Aaron finally giving himself fully to the mission and becoming drone Aaron as Dalton’s skilled hand coaxed some freshly made nanobots out of Drone Aaron’s cock.

Brandon walking in on his two naked fraternity brothers, their eerie smiles and strange gazes frightening him so much so that he fled. Dalton and Aaron chased after him with shouts of him needing to calm down and they would explain everything, Brandon locking himself in the bathroom as his brothers pounded on the door.

Brandon opening the bathroom door for the campus police officer he had called from his cell phone while locked in the bathroom, before Brandon realized the cop had the same dazed look and eerie smile.His fear fading not soon after the cop touched his neck and he felt a slight sting and then numbness.

Drone Brandon on his knees, stroking another load of nanobot-laced cum out of the campus cop as he and the cop repeated the mantra that obedience was pleasure, pleasure was obedience.

Drone Dalton surprising Taylor on his way to the shower pulling him into his room and locking lips with him until he stopped struggling.

Taylor –all thoughts of a shower long since abandoned, bent over with Dalton inserting more of the bots into his anal cavity with Dalton’s tongue.

All of the brothers in the house surrounding a pizza delivery guy who had the unfortunate luck of picking up the prank order that had been placed by Phi Tau’s rival fraternity. 

The pizza guy would soon Omega Epsilon with a payback delivery from the boys at Phi Tau.

Finally, Lincoln could see himself naked and on the table as each of his brothers took turns at fucking his hole. As one of his brothers (Brandon?) fucked a load of nanobot-laced cum out of him, Lincoln ceased to exist, leaving Drone Lincoln in his place.

Drone Lincoln couldn’t be any more happier than to serve the collective. 

Catching the Bug -Part III

“Any calls while I was gone,” Bennett Wyler asked as he walked past his assistant.

“Earth to Noah. Any calls?”

“Sorry, I must have…zoned out,” Noah said. “Um, no calls, but a delivery guy did drop off an envelope.”

Bennett walked into his office. Noah followed, carrying the envelope.

Noah closed and locked the door. Bennett turned to his assistant with a look of concern?

“He insisted I give it to you in private,” Noah said, walking towards his boss’ desk.

Noah dropped the unmarked envelope on Bennett’s desk. As Bennett reached for it, Noah scratch him and held his hand in place until several of the nanobots quickly crawled under Bennett’s skin.

“Noah, what is the meaning of this? Let me go!”

Noah’s eyes went gray and a perverse smile spread across his face as he watched his former boss become assimilated.

Or so he thought.

Bennett mustered enough strength to free himself from Noah’s grip. The actions did not compute.

“Don’t act so surprised,” Bennett said, sitting back in his leather office chair. “McMillan vowed revenge the day I fired him and I knew he was a man of his word. It was only a matter of time before he perfected his nanobots.”

“You will submit. You will become drone,” the drone that was formally Bennett’s assistant Noah said.

“McMillan wasn’t the only one dabbling in nanotech,” Bennett said, gritting his teeth. Ripples of movement could be seen underneath the skin where Noah had scratched him.

Bennett showed the drone his arm.

“My own tech. Amped up and attacking an invader just like my white blood cells would go after any other infection.”

Drone Noah sat there, processing the information. Bennett couldn’t help but continue to stare into his former assistant’s eyes.

“Such a pity, I had hoped to eventually introduce Noah to my own brand of bots,” Bennett said with a sigh. “Seeing you come into the office day after day wearing those skinny jeans that left nothing to the imagination, I had to resist the urge to just infect you and throw you over that desk and fuck you silly. Not before I completed the final human tests. I couldn’t bear the thought of you ending up like his predecessor –a brain dead, drooling neanderthal.”

“You will submit…” drone Noah repeated.

“Yes, yes, yes. Obedience is pleasure, pleasure is obedience and all that crap,” Bennett said, cutting him off. He glanced down on his tablet to monitor the progress of his nanobots squashing McMillan’s invasion. He had been correct. McMillan’s tech had been no match for his own.  

“You will…”

Bennett quickly pulled Noah’s face to his.

“Let’s get you stuck out of that loop you’re in. I promise you, it will feel even better than it does now.”

Bennett pulled Noah in for a kiss, but not just any kiss. His lips waged a full-on assault on the younger assistant. Particularly, Bennett made sure to thrust his tongue into the lad’s mouth. It was more than just a passionate french kiss. Though, to be fair, Bennett knew he was clearly enjoying it; his cock was as hard as steel.

No, the kiss didn’t merely arouse. It also made sure that plenty of Bennett’s saliva made its way into Noah’s mouth. Saliva that was literally swimming with Bennett’s nanites. It didn’t take long for them to have the desired effect. Noah initially was timid in returning the kiss, but soon the bots ignited a passion that hadn’t previously existed in the formally straight assistant.

Noah suddenly stopped as if he came to his senses.

“Mr. Wyler, what the fuck? Were you just kissing me?”

“Sleeping Beauty awakens,” Bennett said with a smile. “The threat has been subdued and you are more or less back to normal, but we can’t have that. You’ve come too far and seen too much.”

Noah attempted to back away from his boss, but his boss threw him up onto his desk and quickly pulled down Noah’s pants and underwear.
“I’m not gay. You can’t do this. Please! Don’t!”

“In a minute, you’ll be begging me not to stop.”

Bennett grabbed Noah by the balls.

“Be a good little assistant and just lean back and allow this to happen.”

There seemed to be an electric spark the minute Bennett’s tongue touched the piss slit of Noah’s cock. Bennett seemed to be intentionally pushing his spit into the head of Noah’s dick. Soon, a warm numbness spread through his now erect cock.

“Just give into the bliss,” Bennett said coming up for air before quickly plunging back down on Noah’s fuck stick

Noah heard a voice buzzing in his head. Softly at first, but growing louder the longer Bennett continued to suck.

“Admit it: Bennett is making you feel soooo good.”


“Only Bennett can make you feel this good. You should let Bennett make you feel good. You want to let Bennett make you feel good. No need to fight it. Bennett is making you feel so good. It feels sooo good to let Bennett take control.”

Noah’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his entire body shook as he shot his load down Bennett’s throat.

Bennett wasted no time in unzipping his own fly and fishing out his rock-hard cock. He pushed Noah onto his knees as he sat back in the chair.

Bennett rubbed the head of his dick until it produced precum that had an otherworldly shade of crimson. He brought his precum-soaked thumb to Noah’s lips. Noah sucked the liquid in, relishing it.

“That’s a good boy. From this moment on, you want nothing more than to please me, isn’t that right?”

It made perfect sense. It was, after all, his job as Bennett’s personal assistant to see to Bennett’s every need. Noah nodded as he bent down and covered his mouth over Bennett’s cock.

He ran his tongue along the thick vein running along the top of it as his hands kneaded Bennett’s balls.

“Yeah, that’s it. Eat my fucking cock. You’re a natural,” Bennett said, running his hands through Noah’s hair. Noah could only moan.

Bennett’s unique brand of nanites continued to flood into Noah’s mouth, quickly spreading to his brain, stroking it, coaxing it to produce dopamine, followed shortly thereafter by serotonin.

“You’d do anything for me, won’t you, Noah,” Bennett said, carassing Noah’s cheek just as the nanobots were kicking production of oxytocin in Noah’s brain into high gear.

“Anything,” Noah dreamily said.

He brought Noah up from his knees and touched the tip of his dick to Noah’s.

 The nanobots rushed from Bennett’s dick into Noah’s. Noah could actually feel them filling up his balls.

“More. I need more of you inside me,” Noah begged.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Bennett said, bending Noah over the desking and quickly thrusting into him. 

Noah cried out in pleasure. His boss seemed to be hitting a spot in his ass that Noah hadn’t even known existed before today and it felt incredible. His boss…his Master…was making him feel so good. It was only right to give into him completely.

“A few more thrusts and then no turning back. God, your ass is so fucking tight. It’s almost like it’s trying to squeeze the load out of me.”

Bennett felt the surge in his balls and thrust a final time into Noah’s ass, filling it with his nanobot-laced jizz.

“Assimilation complete,” Noah said as he blew his own nanowad across the desk.

Bennett slowly pulled his dick out of Noah, pulled up his pants and tucked in his shirt.

“Now,” he said, “You’re going to tell me everything you know about McMillan’s operation.”

Noah smilled. Everything that McMillan’s bots had imprinted on his brain now came spilling out like jizz.

Catching the Bug -Part II

It had been a slow morning and Noah Casper was counting down the hours until it hit 5 p.m. and he could head to the gym and then home to fuck his girlfriend Tiffany. He ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked up at the clock on the wall across from his desk. The seconds seemed to tick by at a glacial pace. He loosened his tie.

Today was going by slower than normal, what with his boss Mr. Wyler out at some big client presentation and not there to have Noah running all over town doing everything from picking up his dry cleaning to fetching his soy lattes. Noah didn’t mind. At least the errands got him out of the sterile office and into fresh air. It helped to pass the time when he was stuck in mid-day traffic. At least he could crank up the tunes.

With nothing left to do and no one watching him, he figured he might kill some time playing his favorite online, turn-based strategy game. Noah was so engrossed in BattleBots, he didn’t hear the package delivery guy until the guy cleared his throat.

Noah quickly minimized his game and shuffled some papers on his desk.

“Sorry, I, um, didn’t see you there.”

“I have a delivery for Bennett Wyler,” the delivery man said rather robotically.

“He’s not in, but I can sign for it,” Noah replied.

“My orders are to make the delivery directly to Bennett Wyler for…processing,” the guy replied. “When do you expect him to return?”

Noah quickly checked the Outlook calendar. “He’s not due back in until three. You can come back in two hours or I can sign for it and you can leave it with me. I’m Noah Casper. I’m Mr. Wyler’s personal assistant. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

Noah held out his hand, waiting for a handshake that never came. He sheepishly retracted his hand and eyed the guy dressed in khaki from head to toe. He seemed to be mulling what Noah had said in his head. Almost as if he was computing something.

Noah nervously made small talk.

“You’re a pretty big guy, I bet the chick must fall all over you, am I right? I work out like five times a week and I have yet to see you kind of gains. So, is it something you’re doing at the gym or do I need to quit this job and start delivering packages,” he said with a smile.

“Yes, it is acceptable for you to deliver packages,” the man said, setting the envelope on Noah’s desk and then shutting the office door.

“Must be something real important if you need privacy,” Noah said.

“Ensuring deliver is one of the most important things you will ever do,” the man said, moving uncomfortably close to Noah.

Noah glanced at the envelope and could almost swear he saw something move inside it.

The delivery guy thrust a computer tablet in front of Noah. Noah looked down to read what was on the screen and didn’t see the dozen or so metallic little bugs swarm out of the envelope and quickly crawl down the leg of his desk, across the floor and towards their newly-acquired target.

Noah had barely signed his name when he felt the first tiny bit. The shock was enough that he rose up from his desk.

“What the hell! Something just bit me.”

The delivery man calmly turned and locked the door.

“If it is any consolation, my former self is feeling some guilt,” the delivery guy said, suddenly rubbing his erection. “There, there, Jack Shepherd,” the man continued talking to himself. “That’s right. Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience.”

“I can feel them crawling up my leg. Why can’t I move,” Noah asked. “What the hell did you do to me?”

The drone that was delivery man Jack Shepherd gently stroked Noah’s face.

“Shhhh. Just be quiet now. Don’t worry. It’ll just be a moment more. A bit more pain and then amazing pleasure. You’ll see.”

Noah found that he could no longer cry out. This despite the fact that whatever was on him –and he could tell it appeared to we a dozen or so things judging from the lump moving under his jeans– had now reached his thigh before the plumb-sized lump seemed to split into two with one group heading towards his crotch and the other continuing its ascent up his torso and then onto his back.

And then the stinging returned. First, in his balls. The pain quickly turned to heat and finally a pleasant vibration. Despite the violation, Noah quickly found his 6.5 inch cock growing hard. Point five. Not half an inch. It was almost as if his brain was starting to think in purely mathematical terms.

A mass invaded his ass. His girlfriend had tried to stick a finger up there once when she was blowing him and he had pushed her off his dick. His butthole had been an exit only.

Now, he felt himself lift his leg up onto his desk as his hand tried to spread his hole to let more of them in. God, it felt so good.

“That’s it,” drone Jack said as he stroked his cock and watched Noah’s conversion. His own bots were releasing a steady stream of chemicals into his blissed out brain –dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin his Master had told him. It was making sure that his former self would never again feel even the slightest bit of guilt in carrying out the Master’s plans.

“That’s it, boy,” drone Jack continued. “Just relax and enjoy this. Feel the pleasure grow as you give in. Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience.”

Noah arched his back and moaned as the nanobots continued their anal assault. The other swarm, meanwhile, had dug into his spine and were now traveling up his brainstem. A calming sense quickly spread through his body. He started to drool.

“Give yourself over to us fully. Submit. Only then will you have release.”

Noah frantically undid his belt and pushed down his jeans and boxer briefs. He sat back in the chair, humping it and trying to get more and more of the nanobots to rub against that special place in his ass that he didn’t even know existed before today. Somewhere deep down inside of him, his old self was shocked that he was allowing himself to be fucked. His new self had no such problems. It just felt too good. His dick was leaking and begging for release.

“Obedience is pleasure,” drone Jack said.

Noah couldn’t agree more and found himself uttering the phrase back in between thrusts. “Obedience is pleasure.”

“Pleasure is obedience,” drone Jack continued as he ejaculated for the second time today. The nanobots flew from his dick and immediately crawled under Noah’s shirt. They would be needed later.

“Pleasure is obedience,” Noah said as his brain exploded in a host of chemicals and he was finally allowed to cum. The first six shots of human cum landed on the floor with a patter like heavy rain. The final volley from his dick were six or so nanobots that were nearly produced by his own balls. Like a proud father, he allowed them to crawl on his finger.

The drone that was delivery man Jack Shepherd smiled as he quickly put his dick away and zipped up.  

“You have your orders. Do not fail us.”

“All at Dynamic Biotech will know the pleasure of serving our Master,” drone Noah said.