The Signal III


Alec Anderson sat in the student lounge of the Parkerson Residence Hall trying to will himself to stay awake and finish another chapter of the book Professor Kripke had assigned for the English Lit class. There was nothing worse than assigned reading for a required class that had absolutely nothing to do with his major. He didn’t really see the point why he had to take English classes at all. His major was electrical engineering. It was a subject he knew he had excelled at, which is why Professor Lavin had hired him to work alongside him on a special project as part of some military research Lavin was doing for the federal government.

In fact, the special project paid exceptionally well and he was earning credit toward his degree. The stuffy reading assignment? It had no payout for him that he could see. And it didn’t help that the dorm floor was bursting with activity. Ashton and Aaron, the twins in 6D, sounded like they and their jock friends were in the midst of another kegger. The speed metal music coming from their room seemed to be causing the walls in the lounge to even pulsate and shake.

Alec counted the pages left. 20. He sighed, set the book down for a second and turned off his hearing implants. Most of the time, he felt his deafness held him back. Since he had gotten the implants, he no longer needed an ASL interpreter and a speech therapist had helped him, though he still spoke with a weird accent and had trouble sounding out words with an “r” in them.

His best friend Brett still hadn’t forgiven him for going through with the surgery. He didn’t understand why Alec felt like he had to be part of the hearing world. Brett hadn’t understood that the implants gave Alec the best of both worlds. He could silence the noise with just a turn of a nob on each of the implants.

He no longer heard the shitty metal music (though he could still feel the vibrations). In the absence of all sounds, he was once again plunged into a world of nothingness that he had known all-too-well for the first 18 years of his life.

Still, it came in handy when he needed to power through the last few pages of the assignment. It was well past midnight by the time he turned the final page. The vibrations coming from the room next to the lounge had stopped a few moments ago (no doubt due to the R.A. cracking down on loud noise after midnight.

Alec closed the book, yawned and stretched. He packed up his things into his backpack and then turned his ears back on.


The quiet should have been a warning. Alec was too tired to notice, though. He sleepily exited the lounge and headed to the 6H, the room he shared with his secret crush, Jake Johnson. With a little luck, Jake might be already asleep. Alec might be able to rub one out watching his roommate who always slept naked on top of the covers; his swimmers build just egging on Alec. The thought of just one forbidden touch was usually enough to have Alec blow his wad. He opened the door to his room and was immediately disappointed to find his roommate awake and fully clothed.

“Does it seem kinda quiet to you,” Alec asked his roommate.

Jake looked up from the book he was reading. “You sure you got your ears on?”


“Yes, asshole,” Alec said, dropping his backpack by the desk on his side of the room. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

“It’s midterms, dude. People are probably studying. Something I need to do a bit more of tonight.”

Alec grabbed his shower kit and towel. “I’ll leave you to it. I’m gonna go shower.”

“More like beat off in the shower,” Jake mumbled to himself as Alec left him to his studying.

But Alec had been right –he just didn’t know it yet. Something was off in the dorm and it was slowly spreading beginning with the twins in 6D, who had been releasing a little midterm stress by cranking up the speed metal. Just shortly before midnight,  Ashton received a text message from his best mate Tony Treavor. twins signal1

“U won’t believe who I just banged,” the text read and including a link.

Like most twins, Ashton and Aaron shared everything and he didn’t think twice about showing the text to his brother.

“Oh, dewd,” Aaron exclaimed. “He beat you to that hot redhead from science class”.

Aaron nudged his brother. “Guess you’ll have to settle for sloppy seconds on pussy! Again!”

“Shut up, asshole,” Ashton pushed his brother back.

He looked down at his phone. “It might be that blonde,” Ashton muttered hopefully under his breath.

“Won’t know until you click that fuckin’ link, bro.”

Ashton was initially relieved to see that it was not in fact the red headed coed from Geology.

“Wh—aat the fuck,” Ashton said as the pulsating blue signal found its way into his brain.

“The light……its sooo….urp…pretty…,” Aaron exclaimed. “Can’t look away…sooo, sooo pretty.”

The screen seemed to pulsate with lights and colors, but the speed metal was drowning out the sound. Aaron kept close watch on his brother’s iPhone and moved in closer.

It was trying to tell him something –tell them both something. What was it? Aaron could almost make it out. Something truly important. Something he and Ashton needed to hear. It would feel so much better once he could hear it.

Without looking away, he reached over and fumbled until his hand found the power button and switch the stereo off.

There was an explosion of erotic sound that seemed to worm its way into both boys’ brains and reverberate down through their entire muscular, teen bodies.

Ashton had never been so turned on before in his life. The jealous vision of Tony banging the red headed chick from class quickly evaporated into a scene in which Tony was fucking the shit out of…a guy?  Someone who looked just like Ashton.

Aaron? It was the story of Ashton’s life. Sloppy seconds again.

“Fall in, bro,” Aaron urged his twin, his voice soft and seemingly far, far away. “Gotta keep watching. Sooooo beautiful. Fuuuuuck.”

twins signal1a

Had Ashton been able to turn and see what his brother was up to, he probably would have been revolted. Aaron had pushed down his gym shorts and Calvin Kleins.

The signal, as if realizing Ashton’s dismay, immediately adjusted its sounds to coddle and embrace him. Deep and resonating, Ashton soon agreed that it was comforting to just let the sights and sounds wash over him.

Ashton was falling into the signal’s embrace good and proper now.  Even if Ashton wanted to resist, he couldn’t now. He didn’t want to. It had its hooks into both of the identical twins.

The twins stood motionless as their brains cooked.  Independent thoughts fleeing, all replaced by the certainty of the signal and the pleasure of yielding fully to it.

Aaron helped his twin brother undress. It seemed essential that they allow the sights and sounds of the signal to bathe them completely. Nothing could impede it in all its glory.

For his part, Ashton offered up no resistance. He raised his arms up so that his brother could pull his tee off and kept his arms raised as Aaron reached from behind to grab the waistband of Ashton’s gym shorts. His uncut, seven-inch cock smacked up against his taut abs as his brother pushed his gym shorts and Polo underwear down.

“Much better,” Aaron said.

“Much better,” Ashton echoed.

They both sat on Aaron’s bed. They hadn’t been together in the same bed since before kindergarten. When Aaron’s hairy leg touched the side of Ashton’s thigh, it was as if a circuit had been completed. The signal seemed to course through both of them in one beautiful, mind numbing loop. Aaron began to jack his cock.

twin signal

It was as if Aaron was jacking Ashton off. Ashton could feel his brother’s calloused hand moving up and down on his own cock.

Both twins could feel the ball juice building up in their nuts. They came simultaneously –Ashton without even touching himself. It was a gift for their obedience to the signal. It promised them they would always share in its pleasures equally. No more jealousy.

The twins moved as one unit now. They stood and pulled up each other’s gym shorts and underwear.

They moved toward their dorm room door.

“Dewd…” Aaron said, stopping.

Ashton also stopped and turned his head robotically toward his twin.

“Don’t forget the phone.”

Ashton grabbed the phone from off the bed as Aaron opened the door. The pair stepped into the hallway and made their way to 6E.

Neil Brahm –Brahmy to his bros — was right in the middle of taking a massive hit from his bong when he heard the knock on his door.

“Jus a sec,” Neil said, leaping to his feet.

Fearing it was the R.A. who always seemed to be more than willing to write his ass up for smoking weed in his room, he quickly grabbed the can of air freshener and sprayed it all around the room.

He opened the door and was surprised to see it was the twins from next door.

“You dudes need something,” he asked.


“As a matter of fact, we do,” Aaron replied as Ashton and he made their way into Neil’s room and closed the door.

Neil wasn’t sure if it was the pot that was making him paranoid, but there was something off about the two dudes from next door.

“You two want to spark up,” he asked.

“We have something so much better,” Aaron said.

“So, so much better,” Ashton said, completing the thought as he raised his phone to Neil’s eye level.

Neil was bathed in the warm glow of the blue lights and sounds beaming from Ashton’s phone. Something else other than pot was fogging up his brain and he had to admit the twins were right. It was so, so much better.


It felt like the best high of his life. Neil would do anything the signal wanted. He didn’t even flinch as the twins placed a hand on each of his shoulders and gentle guided him down onto his knees.


The twins both took turns sharing their new plaything, fucking Neil in the mouth and ass for the rest of the night.